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Old Town Canoes
Canoeing is alive and well here in the North East Kingdom of Vermont. Though it is not the high demand as kayaking, there are many benefits. Exceptional payload with room for people and gear to make your outing comfortable.

We are surrounded with lakes, rivers and ponds waiting to be enjoyed. Staying at a campground or a cabin tucked in the wilderness? We deliver with in 30 minutes away from our office. Here might be your list of places to paddle. Willoughby Lake, Lake Memphremagog in Newport, Salem Lake, Echo Lake VT, Seymour Lake, Crystal Lake, Island Pond, Pensioners Pond, Charleston Pond, Derby Pond, Cobb Pond, Norton Pond, May Pond, Center Pond, Jobs Pond, Newark Pond, Bald Hill Pond, Long Pond, Clyde Pond, South Bay, and the Clyde River. We deliver to the Connecticut River under certain conditions
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  • Old Town Guide canoes in 2 sizes 16' , 14.6' & Discovery 159
  • These canoes are very stable having a width of 38" or 39.5" 
  • Comfortable backrests (guide canoes) take away fatigue and relief on your back, No back rests on the Discovery 159 canoes
  • Abundance of room for people and gear with up to 1,250 lbs. of load
  • Ideal for a day on the water with friends, fishing, birding, camping or sightseeing
  • Durable three layer polyethylene
  • Heavy on land but great in the water
CANOE RENTAL PRICE (Guide 160, Guide 147, discovery 159)
Includes canoe rentals, paddles, life Jackets, extra cushions if needed and tax
  • By the hour from our docks $15.90
  • Day rate up to 24 hours $42.40
  • Week rate $159.00
  • If you prefer to take the boat to the Connecticut River, other places we do not typically deliver too or for less than a day use, we will help you load
  • Free delivery with a minimum of day rent with in 30 minutes from us
  • Free delivery with week rentals within 1 hour from us
  • Early delivery or pick-up can be arranged
  • call ahead for your canoe rental needs

Quality OldTown Canoes for Rent

We deliver for canoeing in Newport VT,
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13' canoe set up like a kayak (NEXT 13)
  • lawn chair like seat with high back for all-day comfort
  • foot pegs like a kayak to brace your self while paddling
  • lots of room for fishing gear, coolers, etc.