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"Let's Go Kayaking"


Have your own boats? We offer parking and transporting you and gear upstream from our facility at a very reasonable price.
Often we deliver our canoes, kayaks & paddleboards to other bodies of water with daily or weekly rentals. Willoughby Lake, Memphremagog, Salem Lake, Seymour Lake, etc.
Chris McFarland owner


Chris McFarland, Owner
Hi. My name is Chris McFarland and ever since I can remember, I loved the great outdoors. Maybe it has something to do with my mom kicking me outside to play almost everyday. On land or in the water, Vermont is a beautiful place to be. Come join me in the great outdoors!

5.5 mile paddle trip
We take you and the canoe or kayak up stream about 6 minutes away. Help you in at the launch site. You paddle back with the current to us and your vehicle. There is about 1 mile stretch which is Pond. This is a leisure paddle and takes about 2.5 - 3 hours.

Pricing includes: Lifejacket, Paddle, canoe or kayak, shuttle upstream and taxes! 
$20.00 per person

Group rates available

9.5 and 16 mile trips
If you’re an experienced canoer or kayaker, you’ll love this full-day adventure. The trips take between 5 and 8 hours with a few log jams along the trail. These trips pass threw marshy areas, cedar bogs, fields swamp maple groves and Pensioners pond. 
Pricing includes: PFD, Paddles canoe/kayak, shuttle upstream and taxes
9.5 mile - $31.80 per person

16 mile - $37.10 per person

Enjoy a 24 mile trip which is about 10 hours of paddle. People find a high area in the woods for the night and paddle back to us the next day.
There is a rapid section and log jams to get around. Late summer and fall is not a good time because of low water.
Pricing includes: PFD, paddles canoe/kayak, shuttle upstream and taxes!
24 mile trip

$42.40 per person


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